In a span of nearly 60 years, the alumni of the department have made a significant mark in their fields both India and abroad. The alumni of the department may be found holding Professor’s post in U.S.A and Europe or associated with computer and communication establishments such as Philips, Alcatel, IBM, TCS, HAL, ITI, DoT, Railways of India, Tech Mahindra Bell Telephone, ST Microelectronics ,IAP, MTNL, IIT, CEERI, ISRO and various DRDO labs. Some of them are entrepreneurs and are having their establishments in Singapore, US, Japan and U.K.


JK Institute:                   

Prof. MS Bisht                     1958

Prof. V Malviya                    1958

Prof. KD Dikshit                   1958

Prof. A Kumar                     1965

Mr. R C Ghildyal                  1968

Prof. M P Singh                  1970

Prof. S D Dixit                    1972

Prof. A P Sinha                   1972

Prof. H K Dixit                     1972

Prof. Nar Singh                    1973

Mr. Girish Chandra                1973

Prof. C K Dwivedi                 1975

Prof. A K Gupta

Prof. S G Prakash

Prof. R R Tiwari                   1979

Mr. P N Gupta                     1979

Dr. K K Singh                      1979

Mr. Pramod Pathak              1984

Dr. J A Ansari                     1987                

Mr. N K Shukla                    1987

Mr. Rajeev Srivastava            1991

Mr. Rajeev Singh                  1992

Miss T J Siddiqui                  1994

Mr. R K Srivastava                1994

Mr. R S Yadav                     1996

Mr. Ashish Khare                 1998

Mr. Alok Singh, D.Phil          2006



Mr. R N Srivastava               1967

Mr. R N Mishra                    1970

Mr. M K Singh                    1971

Mr. R K S Jaiswal                1971

Mr. C Bhatia                       1972

Mr. T Usmani                      1973

Mr. Y S Raizada                   1975

Mr. U S Dwivedi                  1977



Mr. P K Srivastava                1979

Mr. Shyam Babu                  1983

Mr. A K Mishra                     1988

Mr. G C Rai                         1989

Mr. Raghvendra Kumar          1994

Mr. O P Shukla                    1999

Mr. Amit Garg                      2001


Indian Railway:

Mr. S H Safdar                     1978

Mr. Alok Chaturvedi              1978

Mr. P Banerjee                     1979

Mr. Neeraj Sinha                  1980

Mr. Himanshu Mohan            1985



Mr. R K Srivastava                1974

Mr. Anil Verma                    1983

Mr. Anoop Chandra              1983

Mr. Dharmendra Singh          1984

Mr. G N Mishra                     1985



Proj. Satya Sheel

Prof. T N Sharma                 1969

Prof. Rajeev Tripathi             1986

Prof. M M Gore                    1988



Mr. O D Singh                     1972

Mr. P K Singh                      1975

Mr. D P Singh                      1991



Dr. U S Tiwari 

Prof. K K Bhutani                 1962

Mr. T R Narang                    1963

Mr. S C Mullick                    1963

Mr. Om Prakash                   1963

Mr. A K Jaiswal                    1967

Prof. A N Srivastava              1968

Mr. R N Singh                      1968

Dr. R V Shukla                     1969

Mr. Jagdish Keshwani            1970

Prof. Ram Singh                   1971

Mr. S L Maurya                     1971

Dr. Jagdish Prasad                1978

Mr. Narendra Mohan Mishra    1984

Smt. Priyambada Gupta         1986

Mr. Sunil Kr. Singh               1987

Mr. S C Mishra                     1987

Mr. Sharnagat Srivastava       1987

Mr. Anupum                       1988

Mr. Sunil Kumar                  1988

Mr. Ashok Kumar Pauranik    1991

Mr. M M Dwivedi                 1992

Mr. Punit Prakash                1993

Mr. Rahul Gupta, M.Sc.        1997

Mr. Robin Dixit, M.Tech.       1998

Mr. Manoj Pandey                2001

Miss Pragya Gupta               2001

Mr. Ramapati Tiwari             2003

Smt. Anurita Dey                 2003



Details of Eminent Alumni


Prof. S N Ghosh


Founder Head of the Department


102, South Avenue, Flat 2b


Sarobar, Kolkata 700029

Prof. Satyendra Nath Ghosh was born in Calcutta on February 1, 1918. He received D.Sc. degree in Physics in the year 1948 from University of Calcutta. He has been the Founder Head of the JK Institute of Applied Physics and Technology, University of Allahabad, Dean faculty of Science(Thrice) University of Allahabad. He has received numerous awards and honors, including prestigious Sampurnanand Prize of National Academy of Science in 1960.


Prof. M S Bisht

Degree Obtained from the Institute : M.Sc.(Tech): 1958

Born at Ranikhet(Utaranchal), Prof. Bisht obtained degrees of B.Sc. and M.Sc.(Tech) from University of Allahabad in years 1955 and 1958 respectively. He joined JK Institute in 1958 as lecturer and retired as Professor & HOD on 30th June 1997 after a service of 39 years.


Mr. Harsh Vardhan

Degree Obtained from the Institute: M.Sc.(Tech):1959

He Joined All India Radio & Doordarshan and retired from it as Chef Engineer after serving over 37 years. He has compiled a handbook entitled “Technique of Radio Broadcasting in India” for use in AIR/DD India.


Prof. S P Khare

Degrees Obtained from the Institute      : D.Phil: 1961

Prof. Khare has an outstanding academic career. He is the topper of Allahabad University B.Sc.(1954) and M.Sc.(1956). He has been awarded Chancellor’s Gold Medal for being best student of the Allahabad University in 1954. He joined University of Allahabad in 1957 as lecturer. He has been founder Vice President (1982-1984) and President (1984-1986) of the Indian Society of Atomic & Molecular Physics and President of Indian Science Congress Association  Physics Section(1988). He also has been the member of Board of Studies of five different Universities.


Mr. G S Darbari

Degrees obtained from the Institute : M.Sc.(Tech.): 1961

Mr. Darbari passed (M.Sc. Tech) in 1961. He was lecturer in the JK Institute for few years. He at present is running his own business at New Delhi.


Prof. K K Bhutani

Degrees Obtained from the Institute : M.Sc.(Tech): 1962, Ph.D:1966

He served the JK Institute for 35 years in different capacities and retired as Professor & Head, Computer Centre in 1998. At present he is working as Director UPTEC Computer Consultancy Ltd. Stationed at Allahabad. He has also served Computronics India as GM.


Mr. D P Goel

Degrees obtained from the Institute : M.Sc.(Tech): 1964

Mr. Goel obtained his B.Sc. degree from Agra University in 1961 and M.Sc.Tech degree in 1964 from JK Institute, University of Allahabad. He took his training at BARC Trombay and was Senior Research Fellow at IIT, Mumbai from 1964-1966. At present, he is member of various scientific bodies conducting research & development in electronics instruments.


Dr. S Ahmad

Degrees obtained from the Institute : M.Sc.(Tech): 1965

Dr. S Ahmad took his postgraduate degree from Allahabad University, Allahabad and Ph.D. from BITS Pilani in 65 and 70 respectively.  While working in Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani for more than three decades, he headed various R&D project activities related to high reliability Silicide VLSI interconnects, micro and millimeter wave semiconductor devices, high power laser packaging, etc.. His current interest involves applications of nano materials in MEMS/NEMS devices for health diagnostics, drugs delivery and drug discovery and industrial applications of nanotechnology in association with CII and Indian industry.


Mr. S N Joshi

Degrees Obtained from the Institute : M.Sc.(Tech): 1967

Mr. S N Joshi has an experience of more than 38 years in the areas of Microwave Tubes, Microwave Engineering, UHV and related tube technologies. He is in the position of Scientist ‘G’ (Director Grade) for more than nice years and has been coordinating the activities of Microwave Tubes as Area Coordinator in Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI), Pilani (Rajasthan). Presently, he is also the national coordinator of a major multi-institutional project for design and development of  42 GHz, 200 KW Gyrotron with the support of Department of Science & Technology(DST), New Delhi.


Mr. G P Srivastava

Degree Obtained from the Institute : M.Sc.(Tech): 1966

Mr. G P Srivastava joined the prestigious Bhabha Atomic Research Centre(BARC) in August 1970 as Scientic Officer and rose to the level of Director. Noteworthy programmes anchored and the contributions at BARC under his leadership. He has been Chairman of the Committee on Control and Instrumentation in Atomic Energy Regulatory Board(AERB), Member in safety Committee in AERB and Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences and DGFS (HRD Program). Mr. Srivastava won several prestigious national awards and honours. Mr. Srivastava is a Fellow member of IETE, member of the Advisory group on Nuclear Security and International Atomic Energy Agency.


Mr. Drig Raj Singh

Degrees obtained from the Institute : B.Tech: 1970

Mr. D R Singh is alumnus of first batch of B.Tech and got 2nd position in it. He joined BARC Training School in 1970. After one year training, he joined Power Project Engg. Division (Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd.), Dept. of Atomic Energy, GOI, Mumbai. In 1970, he was posted in Control & Instrumentation Group and worked there for four years in fields of Instrument & Control. In 1984, he was posted again in Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd., Mumbai in C&I Group and presently is working as Associate Director.


Er. S U Qidwai

Degree(s) obtained from the Institute     : B.Tech: 1971

Mr. Qidwai completed his B.Tech degree from JK Institute in 1971 ranking second. He has 33 years of experience in plant and maintenance manufacturing and O&M of diesel/gas turbine power stations. He has been continuously working towards modernization/up-gradation of facilities and installation of new facilities to meet the challenges of present competitive manufacturing environment. Mr. Qidwai is a life fellow of Institution of Engineers (India) and senior corporate member of many professional bodies.


Mr. Nand Kishore

Degree(s) Obtained from the Institute     : B.Tech: 1979


Er. H C Singh

Degree(s) obtained from the Institute     : B.Tech: 1979


Mr. Chundi Ravindra Babu

Consultant, IBM, USA

Degree(s) obtained from the Institute     : B.Tech: 1979


Mr. Abhaw Kumar Agarwal

Senior GM (Network operation), Jaipur

Degree(s) obtained from the Institute     : B.Tech: 1979


Mr. GP Srivatava

Degree(s) obtained from the Institute     : B.Tech: 1979

Deputy Director (Data Services)

Department of Telecom, New Delhi


Mr. VK Upadhyaya

Chairmen, India Centre Foundation


Degree(s) obtained from the Institute     : B.Tech: 1994