About the Institute

J. K. Institute of Applied Physics and Technology stands as one of the most prestigious colleges of our country. The Department of Electronics and Communication (well known as J. K. Institute of Applied Physics and Technology) is located in the Muir College Campus (Science Faculty) of the University of Allahabad.  It is older than any of the IITs. Its foundation stone was laid by Late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru on April 14th 1949 and it was formally inaugurated by him on April 4th 1956. It was named as J.K. as J.K. Trust contributed for the construction of the complete building structure. It is a pioneer department in the country today for teaching and research in the discipline of electronics, communication and computer science.

The department conducts courses in the fields of Electronics & Communication and Computer Science leading upto the degrees of the bachelor of technology, master of technology and master of science. These courses have been designed to meet the current challenging demands of the nation.

The Computer Science discipline was started in the year 1986 through the DRDO project on the 'Man Power development in the area of computer Science'. The department offers B.Sc (CS), M.Sc (CS), B.Tech (ECE), B.Tech (CSE) , M.Tech (Electronic Engg.) M.Tech (Computer Technology) and D.Phil programme in EC and CS.

 In a span of nearly 60 years, the alumni of the department have made significant mark in their fields both in India and abroad. The alumni of the department may be found holding Professor's post in U.S.A and Europe or associated with computer and communication establishments such as Philips, AlcaTel, IBM, TCS, HAL, ITI, DoT, Railways, Tech Mahindra, Bell Telephone, ST Microelectronics, IAP, MTNL, IIT, CEERI, ISRO and various DRDO labs. Some of them are entrepreneurs and are having their establishments at Singapore, US, Japan and UK. To name a few: Prof. S.N. Ghosh, a well known figure who established the institute; Prof. M.S. Bisht, who laid the foundation;Mr. S.C. Mishra, Member (Services) Telecom ministry of communication, New Delhi; Mr. Gyanesh, Scientist 'F' DEAL; Mr. Shivpal Singh, Scientist 'F' RCI; Mr. Harsh Vardhan, All India Radio;Mr. Alok Chaturvedi, Indian Railways; Mr. Bhartendu, Toranto; Prof. K.D. Dixit, Lucknow; Prof. Vijay Krishna Malviya, Allahabad; Mr. Jyotirmoy Gupta, Pune; Mr. Harsh Vardhan, Director Academics, Asian School of Media Studies, Noida; Dr. Yogeshwar Sahai, Brazil;Prof. S.P Khare, Meerut; Dr. G.S. Darbari, Allahabd; Prof. K.K. Bhutani, Director, UPTEC; Mr. D.P. Goyal, CSIO; Dr. Shamim Ahmad, Ex-VC Jamia Hamdard; Prof. S.N. Joshi,CV, Pilani; Mr. D.P. Srivastava, Director, BARC; Mr. D.R. Singh, Director, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Mr.Alok Srivastava, Director SW development Ixia creator Los Angeles, US; Yogesh Chandra, IIT-Pune; Dhananjai Agarwal, Director of a company in US; Mr. Narayan Panigrahi, Scientist 'F', Mr. Tataghat Verma, Director Yahoo; Mr. Ranjan Ghosh, AlcaTel Lucent; Mr. Sudhanshu Pant, CEO, m/s Mobilitas...........This list is very long .These names are only suggestive to provide anyone a glimpse of the past of the department.

It had a glorious past and we believe its future is also glorious. The department aims to achieve highest levels of excellence in technical education, training and research and to develop a new breed of competent engineers and software professionals required by the fast emerging global environment today.