Students of J.K.

J.K. Institute has a long history of success and achievement.With an elite group of faculty, a sound administration and a mass of sharp-dexterous students together define the magnitude of an institute’s grandeur. While a good faculty and a sound administration smoothens the activities and the schedules, a batch brimming with talented intellectuals adds stars to the naval and reputation of the institute.

The students of the institute have brought fame to the institute through achievements in research and development, business and governance. . Ever since the commencement of JKIAPT’s academic activities, it has stud over society, major PSU’s, research centres and the numerous private companies with such talented intellectual gems whose effulgence stands uncomparable. This string of achievements has kept the spirit of excellence alive in the students of the Institute.

During the course of study at J.K. Institute, the students engage not only in academic activities but also in research and extra-curricular activities, giving them an exposure to what they can expect in their lives. The students are encouraged to find solutions to any problems they face, be it in their courses or other matters, inculcating in them problem solving capabilities and quite often even crisis management capabilities. Students here have full freedom to pursue their interests which brings out the best in them,which make our young,confident engineers not only capable of grabing the leading positions in the technical fields but also led them hold a  deep sense of commitment and responsibility towards the development of their society.

Students also often get opportunities to work with groups from other organizations in the form of summer internship training. Working in a team makes students conscious of the merits and challenges involved in team-work and also keep alive the spirit of competition.and with the feeling of gratitude and humble gesture towards success,technocrats from this institute welcome the commitment of saying "never back down" and with the zeal of achieving the top notch of whatever they are into.

Thus, J.K. Institute students, with all these qualities, are consistent performers and are an asset for any organization.