Students Council




The Students Council is the center of all activities that the students of JK Institute engage in. The activities of the Student Council is divided into Cultural, Science & Technology and Games. The President heads the student body, followed by secretaries for the subdivisions. Secretaries head the individual clubs.

Cultural Council

    • The Cultural Council is an important part of the JK Institute Student’s council. It consists of a group of students devoted to the cause of maintaining the rich cultural scenario of the institute and motivating one and all in taking part in various events organized from time to time. The Cultural Council acts as the common platform for the various clubs and student forums. 
      The Cultural Council functions through its many clubs, including Music Club, Dance Club, Fine Arts Club.  Most of these clubs remain active throughout the year, organizing workshops and competitions. The annual function “Avirbhav” which is a four day function is also organized by the Cultural Council. The function is a four day long celebration of man’s creativity and innovation. It witnesse participation from all the classes of the department.

Academic Council

    • The Academic Council of JK Institute plays a key role in nurturing the upcoming technocrats and entrepreneurs. The basic motive behind this council is to ensure that there is a creative atmosphere in the campus which facilitates the coming up of both innovative solutions and ideas either for problems which stand as challenges or just in the spirit of science. It functions with English and Hindi Literary Societies, Quiz Clubs.

Sports Council

    • This council is responsible for popularizing sports in JK Institute. The sports council regularly holds competitions within the campus, so that students develop an all-round personality. Techno Cup and SWAT Cup are the major annual events which define the sports council. 
      Techno Cup serves as a platform for students of JK Institute to play with class teams. This is a cricket tournament which is played almost for one week. In this event all the classes of the department takes part including team of teachers.
      SWAT cup is the football tournament that is organized in the month of September. Besides this major event there are several events such as badminton, table tennis, volleyball, and athletics and also some indoor games like chess, carom etc.

Other Activities

    • The organization is responsible for making the students particularly the newly admitted ones, feel at home, monitoring academic performance of the students and giving appropriate advice etc. In addition to this, the counseling service arranges for tutorials for which students of a batch are having great difficulty. Each year, first year students are Interviewed to become student guides .These student guides help the new students greatly in adjusting to the new atmosphere.